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About Us

From day one, we have been in the business of DIY disruption. Every venture we have pursued has been rooted in the idea that the greatest value lies in products that empower our customers to achieve greater productivity and independence while fostering environmental and economic efficiency.

In 2000, Inksell.com was our first big site. At the time, it was a webstore like no other. We dedicated ourselves to reducing the cost of business, expression, and communication by delivering affordable and reliable aftermarket printer cartridges and ink refill kits straight to our customers’ doors. At the same time, our efforts contributed to a massive shift in the habits of printer consumers and helped promote markets for recycling printer consumables to keep them out of landfills and in use as long as possible.

In 2013, as MintCell we launched a series of products under the Octopus Glue brand. These innovative products enabled both smartphone owners and small businesses to easily, reliably, and affordably repair damaged smartphones without having to rely on expensive equipment. Rather than replacing the entire display, or settling for a sub-par repair when the glass on a smartphone had cracked, Octopus Glue was the first of its kind uv-curing liquid optically clear adhesive to enable bubble-free repairs without having to rely on an autoclave. To this day, our DIY LOCA repair kits are the top-selling solution on Amazon and eBay.

Towards the end of 2013, a new tech trend was emerging, and it became clear to us that blockchain technology was going to be huge. In the course of our efforts to explore mining, we found there wasn’t anyone out there fully supporting DIY crypto miners and supplying the parts needed to build mining rigs. We decided to answer the call and do what we could to support the growing miner community and foster the emerging blockchain economy.  After, releasing the KADA 4.1 and 6.1 mining rigs, we began offering a full line of PCI-E risers, power splitters, and other hardware on eBay and Amazon

Today, we continue to pioneer miner hardware markets with our unique mining rig designs and time-tested components. From the FLOW to the SPARTAN, we have continued to innovate and lower costs and other barriers to entry for tech enthusiasts interested in cryptocurrency mining. Leveraging our experience and dozens of sleepless nights spent following emerging trends in blockchain technology, we continue to offer outstanding products and knowledgeable support to tens of thousands of customers around the world.